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Hello! My Deco Corset Dress is featured starting at 3:26 in the new Chamillionaire video No Room In Hell. Yesterday the video was released internationally to promote the new video game Dead Island: Riptide. I hope you enjoy it!


Video Credits -
Directed by Don Tyler
DP: Noel Maitland
Art director: Erica Stewart
Costume designer: Erica Stewart
Wardrobe stylist: Dagmarette Yen
Key makeup artist & hair design: Erica Stewart
Key hair stylist: Jessica Stadel

New Work - The Acanthus Bridal Corset


Hello! Just stopping by to share my latest images. We took these photos in a fabulous topiary park near my home which was created to represent Seurat's famous painting A Sunday Afternoon on the Isle of La Grand Jatte. Each item in the painting is rendered in this park, in topiaries - including sailboats and even a little dog! It was a beautiful autumn day and I think the golden color really showed up so well in the photos.

The corset is created out of creme leather and a shimmery light gold leather with luxe Swarovski crystal accents.

There are a lot more photos in my gallery album entitled Acanthus Bridal Corset

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Wilde Hunt Corsetry - The Anatomist Corset


Hello, friends. I have something new to share. Come over to My Blog to read a bit more about what I have made and visit My Gallery to see more images.


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Here is a recently commissioned piece which I hope you will enjoy as much I enjoyed making it. Creating this corset was like visiting beloved childhood friends. I went back and re-read some of the material from the book and I had forgotten that the story holds a lot of truths about life which are just as poignant and useful for adults as they are for children, perhaps even more so. Anyways, here is what I have created and what I have learned.

More images are available on my website Wilde Hunt Corsetry


"I knew who I was this morning, but I have changed a few times since then." - Alice

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Wilde Hunt Corsetry - The Tattoo Corset

Dear Friends,

If you follow my email newsletter , you may remember me mentioning a big collaboration with another local artist. Well, after a year and a half of hard work and experimentation, I am pleased to present to you The Tattoo Corset.
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Sakura Underbust

Hello and Happy Holidays My Dears!

Today I have photos to show you of my most recently completed corset. It was commissioned for a lady by her boyfriend. How sweet is he?! Happily it was completed just in time for Christmas and he presented it to her last night. :)

Inspired by the Japanese sumi-e paintings of cherry blossoms, this corset features four different colors of leather, including a satiny hair-on-hide texture on the pink cherry blossom petals. At the center of the blossoms are genuine freshwater pearls.


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Hello Corsetlovers,

I just got back some new photos of the Halloween costumes I made for my boyfriend and I. I had posted a couple of quick candid shots we took at a Day of the Dead celebration, but I think these images by Rob Manko are much better! Take a look:

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Wilde Hunt Corsetry - Jewel Box Corset

I recently completed this luxe little number and it definitely takes the prize for greatest quantity of Swarovski crystal that I have ever put on a corset. The crystals on the buckles are a staggering 1"x1.5", and this makes me very happy indeed! :D I came up with this design after trying to solve the dilemma of how to make a busk front corset which is fully crystallized without the busk detracting from the overall look. As you can see my answer was to make these custom buckles to cover the loops and knobs of the busk. The overall design was inspired by the works of Faberge and makes me think of an opulent little jewel box. I think the client should do a photo shoot dressed as a Russian Czarina, don't you? ;)

For those of you who are interested, I am currently accepting new commissions via my website,
Wilde Hunt Corsetry.


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A "Wonder"-Ful Halloween.

Hi Corsetlovers,

It was really fun to get this "super" commission from one of my clients in California but I think it will be even more fun getting the photos back from her "Wonder"-ful Halloween party. ;)

If you'd like to keep updated on the latest corsets I am making. You can subscribe to Wilde Hunt Corsetry's biweekly newsletter The Hunt. Simply enter your email in the form after the cut.


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Hello Corset Friends,

I want to share with you the results of one of my recent commissions for my company Wilde Hunt Corsetry. Please pardon our construction, we are doing a lot of work on the website.

My client is an Iraq veteran who is taking part in an USO themed pinup photo shoot. Since she wanted something really unique so she would really stand out at the photo shoot, I got drafted for service! ;) My client requested I incorporate some of the actual medals and insignia that she wore on her real uniform. I even went so far as to recreate some of them in leather! It really was a blast to make such a fun piece and I can't wait to see the photos from her photo shoot!

I hope you enjoy seeing her completed corset and I'd love to speak with you regarding your corset commission. I am booking clients now for Halloween and the big fall conventions like Dragon Con. You can reach me directly at larissa (at) wildehunt.com .

Wilde Hunt Corsetry - Army Corset

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